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    Lightroom Installation

    johnb88344927 Level 1

      I'm just starting with LrCC. I can import, keyword, process and export photos to a Lightroom Main Folder on my external hard drive, into subfolders as DNGs and JPEGS. I can find the individual files OK but can't get them back into Lightroom. If in Lightroom I try File- Open Catalogue and click on the any of the subfolders I have made I get the message "No items match your search. If I go to my external hard drive the folders and processed DNGs and JPEGs are there but if I double click on a photo or folder and click "Open With" there is no mention of Lightroom. It does have Photoshop CC 2015 and 2015.5.

      I'm stuck, and wonder if there is something missing in the installation.

      Can you help me please?