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    Book module slows down computer




      I've created an image heavy book in Lightroom, with appr 600 images.


      I'm using a 3-month old laptop on windows 10, equiped with i5 core and 8GB RAM. Sufficient to say I never experienced any slowing down util now, even in development module.


      In the last few days, I encountered a very troubling problem :

      - I start the computer, then Lightroom and access the book. I work normally

      - After appr 5-15 mn computer starts to become very very slow, each action taking a few seconds to complete

      - in particular, the following actions are very slow : right click, changing any parameter. Also, windows as a whole became sluggish (easy test : I try to select shortcuts on the desktop, it takes a lot of time).

      - Windows task manager shows nothing : no CPU or RAM use, nothing !

      - I shutdown the computer, restart, everything works fine for 5-15 mn and then it starts again.

      - I have no such problem if I do anything else than start lightroom and open this particular book.


      Obviously, it's impossible to work like that.


      Has anybody ever encountered a similar problem ? Any advice, solution ?