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    Help! Lost all retouched photo's done in LR


      I have used a trial version of LR (for PC), but my PC recently crashed. I managed to find the following folder on my PC  "Lightroom Catalog Previews.lrdata" and another file called "Lightroom Catalog.lrdata" (within these folder are two icons "previews.db" and " root-pixels.db".


      My LR trial has ended; question now is once I purchase LR and install it, can I install LR application on a new PC and somehow have access to all my retouched photo's??? Are these files stored in the "Lightroom Catalog Previews.lrdata" folder??? And if yes, what are the steps to follow (i.e. procedure to get the catalog onto my new pc with LR application installed.


      I really appreciate any help re the above, as need to get this sorted asap and I am keen to purchase LR asap. Also if I cant recover the retouched images, I will need to start all over again...