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    Bug and improvements in book module




      I've recently started using the book module, and it really appears only halfway finished ! It's very surprising for Adobe in general and Lightroom in particular.


      One very troubling bug :

      - When zooming on a page (using double-click or the top-left panel), it's impossible to pan left-right, only up-down. Depending on your screen resolution, it is virtuallly impossible to fine-tune any book design !


      A few key functions are missing (and I'm not talking rocket science here) :

      - Changing zoom level for one picture by inputing the % number and not playing with the slider with the mouse ! All sliders in Lightroom have a text entry to type in the selected value, except this one ! Instead, I have to play this little game to position the slider on 8% (try it, so much fun...)

      - Editing the built-in designs (adding more image or text blocks, moving or resizing existing blocks). Okay this would probably mean a little development, but come on ! In this day and age not being able to design user layouts ??? There is a hack on the net using a text editor and inputing xml new layouts, but maybe the average Lightroom user does not want to play 1980's hacker to create a nice book, huh ?

      - Showing the available fonts as a preview. If Microsoft can do it so can Adobe, right ?


      It's very sad because I think this is a wonderful tool and opportunity for any Lightroom user, and honestly I'm wondering if it's worth the time and energy to keep using this module as is... I know Adobe kind of let it be (no update since it was launched)...


      Any opinion/comment ?


      What could be done to motivate Adobe to spend a little (just a little) engineer time to fix these few problems ?

      (and not only for CC users this time)