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    After Effects Template, problem editing.

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      Hey guys I downloaded a Audio Spectrum here : https://www.velosofy.com/template/xkito-music-audio-spectrum-free-template-by-ionut-e-qtph -1hkcvq


      The problem is the composition in the template is 3 mins. only and my song is 4 mins. When I uploaded the song and changed the composition duration to 4 mins as well as the "Author" effect to 4 mins, the "Author" label gets delayed going on the "Spectrum holder".

      What I mean is that when I don't change the "Author" duration, the "Author" label will disappear after 3 mins. since it was set that way. And If I change it, the animation gets delayed even though I changed the "transform" function of it. I am complete beginner btw and just bought the product yesterday.



      Any idea how to fix this? The template is clean and simple and all I want is changed the Author, song name and composition duration to the duration of my song and not messing with the animations. Any help would be appreciated.