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    Adobe Anywhere SDK?


      Hi everyone,


      Developer question here.


      Is there an Adobe Anywhere SDK? I've been looking to create a Media asset management product (MAM) and can't seem to find anything online about how to integrate with Adobe Anywhere.


      Given this is the direction that Adobe has stated it wants to go, it is pretty important that for my Adobe Premiere Pro customers I at least have an idea of how I can integrate with Adobe Anywhere.


      If there isn't an SDK, is there any technical documentation on how Adobe Anywhere works with the media storage? Is the media storage assumed to be an NFS mount?


      The FAQ says the following FAQ | Adobe Anywhere


      Does Anywhere require a media asset management system (MAM)?

      • Client workstations access the media storage directly, so an MAM is not required. All importing, rendering, and exporting is done by the end user within the Creative Cloud client application. However, MAM functionality is supported via a client SDK, and many MAM vendors have completed integration with Premiere Pro. A list appears at helpx.adobe.com/anywhere/plug-ins/plug-ins.html.