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    Beginner at Photoshop panels

    bluebeezle Level 1

      Hey guys,


      I've done some coding in Javascript based languages like Extendscript for After Effects and JSFL for Animate. I'd like to start improving workflow at our studio for the Photoshop team, but I'm having difficulty getting started. I've done a few scripts here and there, using a mixture of Adobe's provided documentation and some scripts that mine Actions for these cryptic jamEngine commands which I unfortunately seem to need to rely on heavily.


      I'd like to move on to creating custom panels that call custom scripts, but I'm having difficulty getting started. It looks like Configurator is deprecated now, and when I try running panels from Eclipse > Extension Builder, I just get a message that says the Photoshop is currently running, closes and reopens it when I click OK, and when I then search the menu for Window > Extensions, my panel doesn't appear there.


      If anyone has answers, or can at least point me in the right direction, that would help a lot. Thanks!