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    I can't publish with Adobe Presenter 11 in SWF or HTML5


      I have been having many issues for months trying to publish with Adobe presenter 11.0 with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 (32-bit) in SWF & HTML5.  I can publish as a PDF but when trying to publish as SWF & HTML5, I get an error message that says "Adobe Presenter us unable to publish this presentation.  Please check that there is enough disk space and you have appropriate permissions for the destination folder."  Then once I get this error it seems to corrupt the file and I have to resave the file over as a new presentation.  (This is the workaround suggested by adobe online support) Please HELP!!!

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          have you already found a solution for your problem? I am facing the same issue and being close to getting crazy with that lousy piece of software! I am already struggling with Presenter since version 7 and it never worked as it should. Currently I am using Presenter 11 and Office 2016 on a Windows 7 machine. I am very very disappointed from Adobe. I have sets of presentations and I am not able to compile it. Sorry for my frustrations!

          What is the status on your side?


          Best regards


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            Hi Erik,


            I have found that if you try to publish the file and you get the error message, then that file becomes corrupt somehow.  So you may either have to open a new blank power point and copy/paste your presentation into a new file and save that, or just save the file again as a different name.  I think I have narrowed the cause of the "error" to one of my videos in my presentation.   But they only way I found that out was to try and break up my presentation into smaller sections and publish those one at a time until I found which section I couldn't publish and would give me the error.  I haven't gotten any response from adobe support, so I'm trying to figure this out on my own.  This whole process was very time consuming.  But now that I got it to publish, I am having issues viewing the videos in my presentation when it is uploaded to our website...I'm also very frustrated with this software, which they make sound very simple and easy to use and it has not been.


            Hope this helps in any way.



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              I have been paying $15.00/month to Adobe as a monthly fee to use Adobe Presenter version 11.  I have been unable to publish in HTML or SWF.  After about 2 hours, with Adobe online support, the problem was narrowed down to, get this. . . Adobe's most current version of Flash is NOT compatible with Adobe's most current version of Presenter!  Nevermind, I am still unable to publish, because they take pride in hitting my account every month for $15.00--for a product I can't use.  I have had version 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.  Each time, they add features, but each time, something else fails.


              My answer to your question is this:  Do not buy or use Adobe products.  This company is struggling for new and innovative ways to keep the cash rolling in.  Their garbage software (yes...I said GARBAGE), has NEVER worked for me flawlessly.  NEVER.