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    Embedding Adobe Sign UI in our application

    tushard Level 1

      How can we achieve the following workflow using Adobe Sign REST API and embedding complete UI in our application?

      1. Configuring signing tabs in fillable PDF documents and save it to Library. For configuring signing tabs the Adobe Sign UI should be accessible in our application.

      2. After populating the fillable PDF documents in our application send the filled PDF documents to recipients for signing.

      3. Recipients will receive notification emails from our web application.

      4. On click on link in notification emails they will login to our application.

      5. Once authenticated and authorized in our application they will be able to sign the filled PDF document using the Adobe Signing UI embedded in our application.

      6. Once recipients sign the document our application can download the signed document


      We want the above complete workflow to embed in our application so our users can access the Adobe Sign UI from our application only.