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    kAIPaintStyleFillStrokeChangedNotifier not firing after startup


      Hi, first time posting on the forum.


      I'm currently developing a color picker for Illustrator and Photoshop and I've run into a bit of a dead end. I'm having trouble listening for the paint style change notifier. I can get the kAIUpdatePaintStyle notifier working (the event fired when the eyedropper drags),  but for some reason, kAIPaintStyleFillStrokeChangedNotifier fires around six times on startup, and then never again. Does anyone have any ideas about why this might not be firing?




      I'm using the plugin+panelcontroller pattern from the Tutorial project.

      I'm working on macOS, developing on Illustrator CC 2017.


      // in MyPlugin.cpp AddNotifiers method

      result = sAINotifier->AddNotifier

        ( fPluginRef, kIrisPluginName

        , kAIPaintStyleFillStrokeChangedNotifier

        , &fFillStrokeChangedNotifier



      // in MyPlugin.cpp Notify method

      if ( message->notifier == fFillStrokeChangedNotifier ) {

        if ( NULL != fPanelController ) {