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    Getting Ready for Vacation with LR/LR Mobile


      I am about to go on vacation and I want to get my Lightroom Mobile ready.  I will not be bringing my laptop (too risky for my destination) but will be bringing my iPad and iPhone and  Will be uploading photos from my DSLR. I want to clear my Lightroom mobile photos and want to be sure I don't lose them on my Lightroom Desktop. Is there anything else I can do prior to leaving that will make uploading photos easier once I'm on the trip?

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          Hayhill Level 2


          You were not specific regarding what versions of operating systems, camera, etc, that you are using, but irregardless of all that, my best advice would not clear or erase ANYTHING (including your camera cards) until you get home and are sure all of what you want is safely on your desktop. Much of what LRMobile does is by wifi is not always completely reliable.

          Have a great trip.

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            greule Adobe Employee

            Hi Maja. Photos deleted within Lr Mobile on you phone will be still in your Lr Desktop catalog, One of the things you need to make sure is that all the Lr Mobile originated photos are synced to your Lr Desktop version.


            Any easy way to start is to deactivate all your collections from sync in Lr Desktop. With that you will see a  clean view in Lr Mobile.

            Then you could create a vacation collection, enable Auto Add photos via Lr Mobile settings and turn this on via collection settings,

            With that all imported photos will be automatically added to this collection.


            just my 2 cent. - Guido