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    Action Wizard - Specify Save Settings?? (Res, Color, Qual)

    nmgrant176 Level 1

      I must be missing something here. In Acrobat Pro X1, you could create an action and include the step "Save"/"Save As" and specify the format, resolution, colorspace, etc.


      In Acrobat DC, you do not get a full list of options when you include a Save command in an attempt to export; only a format picker. It appears the only way to adjust the save settings for, say, "save as jpeg", you have to go into preferences and set it globally.


      Is there a way to adjust the resolution of images exported from an action using the "Save" command? I.e., can I have actions that are called "Save Page as 150DPI JPG" and "Save Page as 300 DPI JPG" and not have to change settings in preferences...


      I'm sorry if that doesn't make sense, having a hard time phrasing it. Can clarify. Thanks!