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    Video Collage Templates

    David_F Level 1

      Is it possible to create a new / custom video collage template inn APE15?


      I need a 2 grid with horizontal split.  The closest thing I see to that is a 3 grid vertical split.


      I can manually create the effect but would like to use the functionality of the video collage.




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          At this time, I'm not aware of a way to create your own templates.


          However, using Crop, Scale and Position effects and settings and by stacking your video on several video tracks, it's possible to create virtually any composition you can imagine.


          Are you advanced enough as a user to understand the concepts of Crop, Scale, Position and multi-track editing?

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            vibhatanda Level 1

            Hello David,


            In Video Collage you cannot create new templates of your own but you can modify the already created templates.

            Like for example if you need 2 Grid template, then simply you can delete the third grid from 3 Grid template and after adding media into the grid you can adjust the height, width and position of the grids.