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    How to modify JPG size without constraint of aspect ratio?

    jefflackey Level 1

      Moving to Premiere Elements 15 from Cyberlink Powerdirector. Bumbling along, but one thing I need to be able to do and can't figure it out:


      I have a jpg/bmp that I use as a watermark on some videos, but I need to adjust the size, location, and shape of where it overlays on the video depending on the video clip. I can see how to easily move the object, and I can grab a corner or side and resize it, but it will only resize proportionally. I.e. if I just want to make it wider but not taller it won't let me do that.


      In Powerdirector there was an option when modifying an object like this said "maintain aspect ratio" and I could unclick the box and do what I need to do. This is a bit of a deal killer if I can't do this simply. I assume I just don't know how.