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    Error -70



      I'm trying to install Light room using creative cloud app.  it takes 2 sec to tell me ERROR! , the error code is -70. please see the screen shot below. could you please help me to resolve this issue ?



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          dj_paige Level 10

          It has been a while since I did this install, so my memory may not be correct, but the installer program should ask you if you want to save the temporary files to a specific folder location, and the error mssage is telling you that the folder location doesn't exist, or the folder location doesn't have WRITE permission. So if you re-start the installer, choose a different folder location that doesn't have this problem, or chnage the permissions to WRITE.

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            andrewa78940781 Level 1

            Thanks Dj

            it is not asking for anything - I only have the option to click download. but it is not happening. I have installed the Photoshop in the same way.. nothing went wrong but light room is not working?

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              Did you fix it? I am getting the same error. Thank you