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    Confused About Workflow For Adobe XD as an aspiring web developer


      I love adobe products.  I really do.  I am confused about just how to exactly use this tool.  I've learned HTML CSS and I know how to build static pages, use with WordPress, and have been learning javascript and PHP.


      I understand that none of the coding is done for the layouts or prototyping, but that you can export and use the templates in Dreamweaver much like Photoshop Art Boards... but I have found no tutorials that explain just how to do that unless it is in Photoshop.  The design folders all have the assets from the layouts I've made, and maybe I should try to build a website using Photoshop and Dreamweaver first, but then exactly what was the point of me using XD?,


      And from a development side, how do I go about coding different display types so that each viewport looks how it's supposed to?  I've signed up for Lynda.com and believe me, If I have made it this far I know how to dig around, I just could use anybody's help to point in the right direction.


      I want to be able to use Adobe XD to create layouts and quickly develop sites that look well across all devices.