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    npm plugin cordova-plugin-facebook4 responds with limited facebook data



      I havea phonegap build based app that was working fine until I had to update the plugins to NPM. My app uses a plugin to connect to facebook.

      When I use cordova-plugin-facebook4 plugin (version 1.7.4 ) to receive a user data from facebook using the call:

      facebookConnectPlugin.api('/me/', ['public_profile'], function (response) {...}

      I get back only the objects: name and id, where name is given in a full name without separation to first_name and last_name.

      Before the plugin update to npm I received the name in a separated object (first_name and last_name), and got also all the other facebook data of the user: (city, email, etc...).


      For the Android I use the plugin pgb-facebook-connect and it works fine (however the build doesn't compile for IOS with this plugin, but that's a different issue).

      Can you please suggest a way to fix it?

      Thanks for you help,