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    Please help - AE CC composition preview is not working (bugged?)


      Honestly, I'm not sure how to call this problem, I tried to find answers on google, but I haven't come across any forum that had the same problem as I do. I'm having several problems with my adobe CC, but most of the problems are showing in my After Effects, which is why I'm posting it here.


      I recently bought a new laptop, and installed adobe CC on it, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After effects and premiere.

      Everything seems to work fine with the first start up, nothing crashes, no issues or anything that seems to look odd.


      The problem I have: my composition preview doesn't work anymore. The whole area is either white, or showing previous sessions over it. I can still do everything, make new layers, place a text, but I cant actually see what I'm doing.. I hope the picture below will give you a better idea of what this problem looks like.


      This problem appears after closing the program from its first start up, restarting my laptop and trying to open a new project when another was still opened.



      When I close it, the program continuous to run somewhere in the background, the only way for me to actually shut it down is through task manager.


      I've tried to downgrade to older versions of after effects, same problem

      I've also tried to downgrade my video card drivers in case that might have caused the problem, wasn't the case either.

      Also tried to totally remove CC, run CCleaner to find any issues, fix them and reinstal everything again. It seemed to have worked, untill I restarted my laptop.


      These where the issues found by CCleaner, and the issues I keep getting:


      So far, the only fix that I've come across with, is removing After Effects from my CC, delete all user preferences and reinstalling it again, and just... Don't close it until I finish what I had to do. Now I don't really see this as a fix, more of a temporary solution because I do need projects to finish in the meantime and I don't really look forward to delete and reinstal after effects several times a day..


      Incase this helps identifying the problem, here's how other programs act:

      Photoshop, seems to work fine, haven't come across any problems yet. Illustrator, I cant open more than one file at once or it crahses. Indesign, jhavent worked in that yet. And premiere, seems to work just fine as well.


      The laptop I have: (only 2 weeks old by now)


      Running on windows 10

      Video card: Nvidia GTX960M


      All presets of After effects are the standard, since I have to continuously reset it.

      I hope that I've provided of enough information, I honestly don't know how to call this specific problem. If there's some information missing that is needed, please ask. I'm not really a computer nerd