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    AE>ME poor quality audio/video encoding.


      I've been using same settings on ME to encode comps for various TV channels for years. Yesterday morning I encoded several videos as usual. Everything was as expected. Now after I tried to encode several more 20s TV spots right out of AE using ME (as usual), ME finished it's job unexpectedly fast. That's when I got suspicious. After I checked the output files (one MPEG2 and one MOV) I immediately noticed huge quality difference between what I was used getting using these settings and what I got - the output files looked like they were encoded using the lowest possible quality settings for h.264 (you usually get that once going for lowest file size possible). The sound was also messed up. I didn't have time to check what is wrong exactly as I was approaching deadline for delivery and needed to look for workarounds fast, but it sounded like audio file was collapsed from stereo to mono thus information in the center was much louder and at the same time stereo information was still present (yeah, weird, I know) but much lover in volume (compared to original sound file). I tried trashing cache, memory, preferences as well as restarting but nothing helped. Only thing that worked was rendering out lossless MOV from AE and then encoding it to desired output with ME. Did someone experience something similar? Maybe you know the solution to this behavior? Cheers.


      P.S.: file sizes of the encoded poor quality mpeg2 and mov was as expected. And I did NO changes to my workstation nor to any of the programs I use on a daily basis that could induce the changes in rendering. I updated my OS X to the latest version after I did not get results. That did not help anyway. Now my OS X and Adobe's software are all the latest versions. Yeah...

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          Ok, just found the cause. Somehow setting for resolution under composition settings jumped from "full" to "third". No idea how did it change though. So all my comps and pre-comps were rendering themselves at one third of their actual resolution. Now I'd like to know how to make AE make new comps at "full" resolution bu default...