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    Why am I having errors when importing images with over 8,388,608 pixels?


      Here's a puzzling one for you all...



      I've been using InDesign for a long time, since my days as a print designer, and have been fortunate to see it evolve into a pretty solid tool for digital design too. Having tried (and loved) a host of other programmes for web design (Illustrator, Sketch, Axure to name just a few) I do find myself returning often to InDesign for all forms of digital design, primarily because of it's superior powers when it comes to controlling type. This means that I'll often drag a JPG, PNG, or PSD into InDesign as a background, starting point, or reference when creating new pages and designs.



      Bizarrely, I've noticed recently that when I place some images into InDesign (as a linked file of course) they seem to pixelate.


      I know what every one of you with any sense is thinking right now – "doofus, just change the display settings to High Quality rendering and end this thread..." Please read on my friends...


      Here's the difference between this thread and most of the others along a similar topic on this forum – My problem isn't only with the display of images – they actually render with the same pixelation/distortion when exported as a PNG.


      Further investigation

      Naturally I racked my brains about this one all morning trying to see which images were affected and which remained pixel-perfect. That's where it got interesting.


      It became clear early on that it was nothing to do with colour profile, pixel density, file size or display settings ;P and that it was, in fact, related to image size. Having played around for some time with what feels like a thousand different image sizes, I've refined down my problem pixel region to a single pixel tipping point, beyond which images no longer render or export properly.


      That magic value appears to be 8,388,608 pixels. Any image with a total number of pixels at or below this value renders in full pixel perfection. For example, an image with a width of 2474px and a height of 3390px (8,386,860px in total) renders perfectly well. Increase the height or width by a single pixel, and everything goes Pete Tong.


      The Question

      My Question is WHY... Why this restriction? Why the bizarre rendering? Why the lack of prompt from InDesign to inform me that everything is about to look rubbish? And why 8,388,608. I understand that it's a bit of a special number (I know it's the first power of 2 in Bits that is above 1Megabyte) but why should this affect the way InDesign deals with the image?


      Any answers would be massively appreciated. And Adobe, any chance you could change this in future versions?