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    Character Lip Sync. Is this as good as it gets?

    Q4T Level 1



      I've just finished processing 10 minutes of audio and the lip sync feels... off.


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      I don't want to sound ungrateful. If I had to lipsync 10 minutes worth of audio and had to do it in real time, my results would be much worse.


      Though how do I polish this? Yes, I know I should do a manual pass, but is there anything I can do before that? Is there any filters I can run the audio through to give the computer a better read? Should I re-record with a webcam, so that the computer will have more lip information? Is there a big update coming out in a couple of weeks I should wait for, before re-processing?


      I hope I've exported this correctly. Please forgive me if it's missing an important file. I've never exported a character project before.


      Also, as an aside, I welcome comments on the actual content and script of my audio if the moderators don't mind a few side comments about politics or employment as an animator. (Moderators, feel free to delete this last paragraph or the word "politics" if I was out of line by saying it.)