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    List of Library Preset location


      I was going to list this is Why I won't trust a Adobe Support person anymore


      I was experiencing issues to upgrade to the latest Lightroom CC and had to call the support line.  They had me delete a lot of things and one of those were some of my Presets for Develop, Print and Meta data.  I specifically asked if they would be still be there, and reassured that they would be.  It would have been very easy to just drag them to the desktop, but I stupidly deleted them.  So now I need to find out where they were kept as I understand there are two Library file areas.


      I am looking to find the exact locations of where these Presets were kept as I have to go back into Time Machine using Terminal to be able to find them.  Need the actual path in the Library files to recover them.


      I am using a MacBook Pro running the latest Sierra OS


      Any help to shorten this recover is welcome.


      thanks Marshall

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          richardplondon Level 4

          If you go to Lightroom settings, Presets tab, under Location there's a button called "Show Lightroom presets folder".


          Clicking that opens a new Finder window for you, going straight to the user configuration folder for Lightroom.


          Inside that, you'll find various subfolders holding e.g. your Develop presets, metadata presets, etc.


          Alongside this Lightroom folder, is another one called "CameraRaw". That is where the camera calibration profiles, lens profiles, camera processing defaults and the like are held - that are user customised. These things are shared between LR and ACR.


          The factory installed LR default profiles, presets etc live elsewhere and these are not user removable, or editable.



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            hmpost Level 1

            Thanks Richard

            I think that will work as I can bring up in Finder where the new folders are and hopefully in Terminal find the same folders to download from Time Machine.  It has been a while since I used the command line to find things.


            again thanks