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    How to have Certificate-based Signature on a PDF/A


      I am needing long-term retention (50-years or more) of my digital documents and for legal purposes, I also need to apply a validation to the document indicating that I certify this as an official digital document of the agency I work for.  I am able to apply Certificate-based Signature to PDFs that I created from the Microsoft Certificate Store.  However, when I try to save to PDF/A, I am unable to meet the standard, and I get the error message - Signature Reference Dictionary has Digest Location entry and Permissions Dictionary had DOCMDP entry.  I don't understand the technical language.


      I am wondering if a Certificate-based Signature is simply incompatible with a PDF/A.  I have searched the Adobe help references but have not been able to resolve the issue.  Can anyone suggest what I might do differently.