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    Multiple signature


      Need to know how to apply multiple signatures to an Adobe DC Pro document.



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          rickh44349401 Level 1

          This is how I do it;


          1. Go to Adobe Document Cloud (na1.documents.adobe.com) (or go to Adobe.com and click on Adobe Sign)

          2. Click on "View Dashboard" under "Adobe Sign"

          3. Click on "Send" (do NOT click on "Get a document signed)

          4. Enter recipients - also click on "add me" if you need to sign (decide whether you want them to sign in order)

          5..Add cc for anyone getting the documents, but not signing.

          6. Add message

          7. Drag & drop files

          8. Click on "Preview and add signature fields"

          9. Click next

          10.  You can then drag signature fields and dates from the right menu bar over to the document.  A drop down list lets you select the person that is supposed to sign.  You can also drag a date field over that is completed when signed.

          11.  Click on "save to document library" (optional)

          12.  Click on send.

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            This is good advice. I have one more tip: on NO ACCOUNT try to sign multiple times with the same signature (perhaps for different pages). This is a very damaging thing to do.

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              tammyd13521241 Level 1

              When I go to try this, I get hung up on step one if I use the Adobe.com way or step two going into the cloud. It comes up with 'Do you want to open or save code?redirect_uri=https://cloud_acrobat_com/sendforsignature?clt=susi&state=("ac":"cloud_a...(23 bytes) from ims-na1.adobelogin.com?'. I click open and it just seems to sit there. I click save and it states it is unable to download. Any ideas?

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                rickh44349401 Level 1

                I just went through the process again, step by step, and it worked for me.   You have to sign in, of course.  It is easier if you go to   na1.documents.adobe.com. 


                The are different subscription levels for Adobe.  Your subscription should include Adobe Sign.


                After step 10 (in my first reply), you need to right click on each signature and date field to indicate which person should sign and date the field (there is a drop down box to select from your list of emails)

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                  tammyd13521241 Level 1

                  Thanks, this must be something that my agency did not purchase. Have a great day.

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                    KarenPICK Level 1

                    While this might work for you I get a message after I've added my name and signature fields that says I have missing fields? Not sure what this means? Frustrated.