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    When will XD in windows allow scrolling in preview?

    gdavis1104 Level 1

      when I preview designs it only shows above the fold. When will there be an update to allow scrolling?

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          mrt492001 Level 1



          Also looking forward to this. It would seem that all the same functionality in the mac versions would have been ported over at the same time....

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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Hey, gdavis1104 and mrt492001-


            The answer to your question is: it's coming! We're actively working on supporting scrolling right now in our preview window and in authoring. As we mentioned in our blog posts, parity with Mac is one of our top priorities at the moment. You can upvote this story in UserVoice to get updates:


            [Windows] Artboard scrolling – Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs





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              elainecc Adobe Employee

              Just updated with the correct link



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                gerid31889654 Level 1



                I appreciate your response and I do understand that the safe answer is, it's coming. I also understand completely this product is in beta and not expected to be production ready. However I think that you need to keep in mind that you're dealing with professionals who, if they're anything like me, are working actively on many projects of our own with clients and production schedules and deadlines of our own. If you want valuable feedback you're going to want it from professionals, people who usually don't have the time to mess around for fun and are trying to find a tool that fits into our production schedules and saves us time, even if it's not fully featured. Adobe XD is awesome and even as is, in it's current state is very useful. What's not useful is not knowing Adobe's timeline for features that we need. IMO there are two things (maybe just one) that really is make or break for me right now. 1 is the ability to preview my prototypes. The other is actually more important, and that is the ability to export individual assets. Now out of respect for the livelihoods of the people you're asking to beta test your product, please let me know when the expected rollout is for these features because if I put in all this work, even if it saves me time in the creation of them, all I'm creating is mockup pngs when I need to export individual assets ready for use. I would essentially spend all this time creating prototypes that I A) can't preview and B) can't export. Now it's December, I am using this product for a new project I'm just starting, so it's feasible for me to spend the time creating the prototypes, (keeping the linked assets in my mind since I can't preview), and spend the time creating them for the rollout in January of, hopefully, being able to export them. You're not going to lose a customer if you say realistically it's more like 3 or 4 months out and I will simply not waste my time trying to create fully designed pages when I'm going to have to redo everything in photoshop anyway, you will piss off a lot of people if you don't keep us in the loop when we need to know these things. A work around would be, are the XD files in windows able to be opened on a mac that has the export feature? Probably not but worth a shot.


                I know...I really should just get a Mac...


                Thanks! elainecc



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                  SheridanMultimedia Level 1

                  I've been waiting for the PC port since the product was announced! Scrolling would be really wonderful, because after about 3 minutes I made the project I was working on completely unusable as I couldn't get back to my first artboard.


                  I also notice that the PC version is missing the menu bar and all the items associated with that.

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                    elainecc Adobe Employee

                    Hi, Geri-


                    I totally appreciate your concerns, and I can tell you that we're actively working on the feature right now. Unfortunately, as nice as it would be to have a solid roadmap to share, the best we can do is to say that it's coming. If you see a story that is "feature in progress," it means that we have a team working on it, while a story that is "feature in backlog" is something we'll be handling at a future date, but we are currently looking at for a future release.


                    Fortunately, we've been releasing on a monthly cadence, and you'll see improvements to the XD on Windows in the upcoming months.



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                      elainecc Adobe Employee

                      Hey, SheridanMultimedia-


                      We're following the design patterns for UWP, which removes the menu bar entirely and relies on the hamburger menu and context menus. Everything we have available will be either be linked from these two places or from an existing object. We're putting a lot of thought into the design of the product to ensure that it is as native as possible, so you'll be seeing design differences between Windows and Mac.


                      Hope that helps!