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    After Effects Script UI Panel problem - 4k screen - please help!

    bevlak Level 1

      hi all - have a really frustrating problem with 3rd party script ui panels in adobe after effects.


      I have bought  a dell xps15 laptop last month and this is my only complaint.  I'm an animator and frequently use 3rd party scripts (Duik, rubberhose, motion2, rift etc) these are absolutely essential to my workflow with character animation, with no sensible alternative to duik out there, paid or otherwise.  All the scripts seem to work fine except for drop down menus.  on ONLY 3rd party scripts, the ui dropdowns are cut short and clipped somehow, making items unselectable as your cursor cant reach them (see screengrabs)


      UI problem.jpg

      I've noticed that this dropdown problem only happens with docked scripts, and normal native after effects dropdowns are unaffected (see screenshot)


      UI problem 2.jpg

      I really need to know if this is something i can fix, as this makes my laptop unusable for a vast amount of my work which is obviously pretty ridiculous.


      not sure if this is a windows 10 or an adobe problem or both - any ideas?




      - switching on/off gpu acceleration

      - testing ui panels docked and undocked

      - reinstalling scripts

      - changing font/window size in windows 10

      - adding/decreasing amount of assigned memory to ae

      - testing scripts on AE 2014, 2015.3 and 2017

      - shouting

      - swearing

      - crying


      I've put my system specs in the screenshot below and can supply any other info needed - even better, if you own a dell xps15 with the 4k screen, PLEASE SEE IF YOU CAN REPLICATE THIS PROBLEM - would be amazing to know if this is just my system or is being replicated!


      thanks in advance guys!!!