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    Threaded text via Excel spreadsheet?


      Hi! So, I am total novice when it comes to InDesign, as generally speaking my job only requires me to use Illustrator and Photoshop. However, I have been tasked with setting up 100 personalised ID cards for a conference, each with multiple fields. All I have is a spreadsheet with the relevant text for each delegate in each cell, with columns for the different fields.


      Now, I had originally planned on setting it up in Illustrator (not ideal, I know, but it’s the software I’m most familiar with by some distance) by creating a template with threaded text boxes, then copying and pasting the relevant columns from the spreadsheet. However. I quickly hit the snag that I can’t vertically centre the text in the text boxes.


      I’m therefore trying to do the same thing in InDesign, but the problem I’m now facing is that in some cases the text in a particular field will need to go onto two lines, whereas on others it will fit comfortably on one line. If I make the text boxes high enough to accommodate two lines it will automatically fill with two cells worth of data when the text is short enough to do so.


      Is there a simpler/cleverer way to do this that links each text box to a single cell AND ensures that the contents can be centred both horizontally and vertically to keep the spacing even across all the cards, regardless of how many lines are used to complete a particular field?