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    Flash 8 Pro Skin not visible

      I'm new to Flash 8 Pro. I created a test video clip to learn how to setup the player skin. I'm able to test and view the video and skin using the html preview. When I upload the .fla, .flv and .swf to my host site it does not appear the same. The player skin is missing. I'm able to make the video autoplay and stop using the Component Inspector. This proves to me that I have control of the video. Need some expert help resolving the missing MojaveExternalAll.swf skin. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
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          When you first import the video and select the skin, Flash tells you this at
          the Finish Video Import step: 'The video component uses a skin that has been
          copied next to your .fla, this also needs to be deployed to your server."

          Also, the fla file is your Flash source file, from which your swf is
          created. All that needs to be on the server is the swf.

          Dave -
          Adobe Community Expert

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            JoeBuckeye1 Level 1
            Thanks for the response. I checked to make sure that the .fla was deployed to my server. It appears to be.
            Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks

            Found correction - Skin .swf must be in the root directory. Now it appears with the video file