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    How can one completely disable the GPU in Indesign 2017 (to save laptop battery life)?



      I simply looking to disable the GPU in Indesign and other Adobe applications to preserve battery life while traveling with my laptop. I thought this should be a very easy thing to do by disabling the "GPU Performance" in preferences but this simply does not seem to be the case. By doing so the application still seems to use the GPU of my MacBook Pro. I'm able to do this with applications like Affinity Photo without issue, but I'd like to continue using Adobe products while on the go. Without Adobe products running (and GPU Performance turned off) battery life is about 7(ish) hours. However, with just one Adobe product open (and idle- in the background) I'm run down to maybe 2 hours maximum. So I'm forced to close the application even thought I may need just reference information in one of its files. This gets tired very quickly.


      I do not have a the same problems with the vast majority of applications I use as I do with Adobe products.