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    Can Flash do this?

      I have to produce an interactive CD-ROM using two videos produced in PremierePro (one in English, one in Spanish). The CD will need two menus. A main menu where the viewer can choose English or Spanish. Then a sub-menu where the viewer can choose to watch the entire video or jump directly to any part of the video...like chapter marks on a DVD. The video will need to play full screen, or as large as possible on the desktop....PC or Mac.

      Is all of this possible in Flash? Is there a better authoring tool for this task? Thanks.
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          2m Level 2
          Flash can do this, but in your case making a "real" video-dvd could be the better choice.

          It depends verymuch on what you focus on, is it only computer users, or do you want o target all that own a home-movie dvd-player in addition.

          Flash gives you a lot of options, but as it is optimized to run in webbrowsers, the plugin has to be a small download, and no specific video-hardware is needed/used it has it's limitations in video size/quality ratios.

          Expecially fullscreen video might be slow with older computers, as it has to be rendered by the cpu alone.

          My choice would be dvd-video or flash depending on the demands.
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            jonereb Level 1
            Unfortunatley, this disk (a training piece), will be used in small offices where a DVD player will not likely be available.