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    ADE 4.5 Mac - E_ADEPT_INTERNAL error when trying to activate axisReader

    Paul Rauschelbach

      I have a new computer (MacBook Pro running macOS 10.12.2) and am trying to activate ADE 4.5. I get the following error:


      An Error Has Been Detected - Activation Server error - code E_ADEPT_INTERNAL Digital Editions encounter [sic] an error on the activation server. To retry, click the Try Again button.


      I have tried the steps in the article about this error

      Error "E_ADEPT_INTERNAL" | Download protected e-book | Digital Editions


      I have confirmed that my library does allow axisReader to activate/authorize with Adobe Digital Editions.


      Please let me know why this isn't working, and what can be done. Activating/authorizing using axisReader was working on my old laptop at some point in the past.