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    LR CC - All file names changed after switching to Windows

    Myung Keun Cho Level 1

      Hello Community,


      This is quite a pickle that I'm chewing on and I'm not even sure what this expression means, and equally incomprehensible is the problem I'm facing right now:


      I have multiple collection sets with many, many collections.

      Many of those collections have files with Korean letters in them. For example: "힐링_1".


      Before I switched from Mac to Win10 I renamed all my files into something like "힐링_1.nef".

      The problem: After I switched to Windows all my file names ended up sort of scrambled.

      So the original file name turned from "힐링_1.nef" into >> "ㅎ ㅣㄹ ㄹ ㅣ ㄹ_1.nef"

      The result was that all my photos inside each set with a korean filename are marked as MISSING.





      Things to mention:

      1. I did NOT change or renamed my files after switching to Win10.

      2. All my raw files remain intact with the original file names from MAC ("힐링_1.nef")


      What I tried:

      1. Obviously I could go on and rename all my 30,000+ files according to their raw file name ("ㅎ ㅣㄹ ㄹ ㅣ ㄹ_1.nef >> "힐링_1.nef")

      This is possible if I had enough time, but my work schedule doesn't allow me that. The files have to be ready pronto.


      2. I tried to rename all files by pressing "F2" on my keyboard which prompts the command to batch rename all my selected files. But trying that of course triggered the message that the files couldn't be located or are missing.


      3. I tried to then rename my original raw files into the gibberish filenames that my Lightroom catalogue was showing me, but apparently the way in that the filename was scrambled CANNOT be duplicated! No matter how I uses spaces and other ways to replicate the filename in Lightroom I can't achieve that.


      4. I deinstalled Lightroom and re-installed it.


      5. I optimized my catalogue.


      None of my attempts repaired my filenames.

      Is there anything I can do to "unscramble" my filenames?


      All help is much obliged.