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    not a problem, just a complaint

    galen wolfe

      Everytime I update flash, it always has an option for installing a McAfee standalone scan thing, but I have the full McAfee suite installed and running.

      Seriously, why can't you detect this sort of stuff? You 'anonymously' gather data from my computer everytime you do an update, why can't your system be smart enough to detect if McAfee is already installed?

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          ridhijain Adobe Employee



          McAfee is an optional offer available on the Flash Player download center.  You can opt-out of installing these. If you have ad-blockers installed then probably you would not be seeing these offerings.


          You could select 'Let Adobe install updates (recommended)' option to ensure you always have the most recent version of Flash Player installed as Flash Player regularly checks for updates and installs an update within 24 hours of a new release if your machine is connected to the internet. Via this method only Flash Player is updated and no other optional products are installed.



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