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    Canon 70D Wifi Tethering broken with the new update

    Markwphoto Level 1

      Before the latest Lightroom update I had no problems using WiFI tethering using my Canon 70D. I went to do a shoot tonight and I couldn't get it to work at all. Nothing has changed on my computer other than updating to the most recent version of Lightroom CC.


      After several hours of troubleshooting I've determined that the something in the update broke wifi tethering for Canon.


      Here's what I did:


      I started the EOS utility and turned on my Canon 70D to connect to my pocket router. The camera connected fine to the router as well as my computer. When I opened LR and clicked Tether Capture, Start Tether Capture, filled in the data and clicked Ok. All I got was "No Camera Detected." I closed LR and opened the Canon utility and the tried remote capture. It worked fine there. I uninstalled and reinstalled LR. No joy! I uninstalled and reinstalled the EOS utility...no joy.


      Finally I looked to dll/plugin files which come from the Canon SDK kit that control the wifi tethering in Lightroom.


      These files are found in Windows in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom\tether_canon.lrplugin. The files in particular are EDSDK.dll and EdsImage.dll. I backed up and tried replacing the .dll files from the latest version of my EOS utility found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Canon\EOS Utility. When I tried the tether capture in LR I then got an error message that it couldn't start properly.


      Next I backed up all the files in the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom\tether_canon.lrplugin folder and deleted them. I replaced them with EDSDK.dll and EdsImage.dll from LR 5.7 (old laptop still had it) along with tether_canon.exe and tether_canon.lrplugin. I tried tether capture again in LR and wah lah, it worked!!


      This tells me that something is definitely wrong with the files in the newest update. 


      If you can't tell this isn't my first rodeo with LR and tether capturing and that's why I knew to check the files out. Can you please pass this on to your developers to see if they can recreate the problem and hopefully come up with a fix that doesn't manually reverting to a previous version of the tethering files.


      If you need any other information please feel free to let me know at anytime!