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    Wingdings 2 and 3 converting to Wingdings OTF when I package file and fonts not found when opening that file

    bump_and_run Level 1

      I have a book where I used Wingdings 2 and Wingdings 3 (TT fonts) in a table that uses lots of symbols. When I packaged the file it converted them all to Wingdings OTF and of course I get font not found.  I can't do a global change as some are WD2 and some are WD3.  I even tried saving the final DRAFT into the packaged folder as the final file and it still changed them.  I can save all day long in the main job folder and they stay WD2 and WD3.  These folders are all on my hard drive so it's not like I'm saving to a computer that doesn't have the WD2 and WD3 fonts loaded.  How can I get them to remain WD2 and WD3 in the final packaged print file?


      InDesign CC 2017 in Windows 7 Pro