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    Getting joint to twist the right way when using blend

    henrikh88699318 Level 1

      I have character with a lot of arm movement, and have problems getting the elbow joint to twist the correct way when using blend in the timeline. I can get the joint to twist both ways using the Dragger, which is great. However, when I merge two takes using the blend function, the twist direction of the second take changes according to the twist direction of the first take (even though when I recorded the second take, I twisted it the right way).


      In video 1 you see the two takes (0:20-0:27), with the joint (on his left arm) twisting one way in the first take, and the other way in the second take (correctly). In video 2, I've merged the two takes using blend, and as you can see, in the second take the joint now twists the wrong way (0:20-0:30). I tested this a little bit, and it seems that when using blend, the last take will inherit the twist direction of the first take. Why is this? Any advice on how to avoid it?


      I could do the whole sequence in one take, but it's kind of hard to change the twist direction within a single take. So by far the easiest way is to blend, if it hadn't been for the issue above.


      PS: The arm is simply two sticks, stapled to the shoulder (hinge) and a Dragger on the hand.


      Thanks for a brilliant app, a lot of fun to work with! :-)

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          This is currently a bug - we hope to fix it in the next version. Basically sometimes the arm bends the "wrong" way in certain cases with certain artwork setups. For you, the elbow in that one part should be bending down as expected, but something is pushing it the inverse way.


          The only surefire way to combat it is to add an extra draggable at the elbow - it means you'll have to do one more recording pass and it's a little more complex to get right, but that will let you drag the elbow exactly where you want it in each scene. Some users have found better results by changing the size, rotation, or gaps between their sticks.