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    Non-compliant image - no clues

    Jo Ann Snover Level 1

      File ID: 131040609


      I have many images of a home remodeling project. All of them use the same property release. An image was rejected for release issues and I thought I forgot to attach the release. When I saw the property release was attached, I attached one for my own photos or art (when I put one of my pictures on a wall in place of someone else's art), assuming there was a corner of a picture showing somewhere.


      Now that image is non-compliant, apparently. I'm assuming it has something to do with the release, but it would be really helpful if the rejection gave some general category of problem.


      The property release has been accepted in over 50 images so far uploaded of the remodel plus many other images of the same property, so I don't think there can be anything amiss with the release. Any way to figure out what's actually wrong here?