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    ADE  Fail to download to Nook, then fail to download to PC as well


      I used ADE for years to happily download library books to my nook. Now I have gotten a new laptop and installed ADE 5.7.1.


      I downloaded a book to the laptop from the library with some problems but finally successfully (I will ask about that in a separate question)

      Attempting to copy the book to the Nook hung. Backing up to an older version of ADE, I found out that I was getting a licensing problem: "CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED No permission to copy the book" .


      When I looked at the license for my Nook, it said  it was authorized "for the following account: ", followed by nothing. No idea which account.


      Checking the authorization on my computer, I found it was marked unauthorized but attempts to authorize failed with an error "You can only authorize this computer with an Adobe ID that has not been used to authorize any other computer or mobile devices. Please try again".


      After talking with support on Twitter, I tried explicitly deauthorizing the computer and reauthorizing. That succeeded. However attempts to copy books to the Nook still failed. I thought I would try deleting those copies and redownloading from the library, which led me to my current situation: now I can't even download books from the library, I get an error

      Things are going from bad to worse and I am feeling pretty impatient.