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    Lightroom 6 won't launch after restoring from backup


      I've got a single-user license copy of Lightroom 6 (i.e., not a CC subscription) and have been running it on a mid-2015 MacBook pro for over a year.  I'm currently running Sierra.  LR was working normally until a few weeks ago, when it started crashing frequently.  Since then I have experienced a number of other issues and have actually had to have the solid state drive in the MacBook replaced.  The tech that replaced the drive restored from my most recent time machine backup and I was able to open a lightroom catalog once after the restore.  Since then, LR will not launch.  It will ask me to choose a catalog, and then it will freeze and I get the spinning wheel and have to force quit the application.


      I have tried renaming and moving my preferences file to create a new one, but it does not change the results I'm getting.  I'm reading forums suggesting making sure the application is up to date, but since I cannot get it to launch, I cannot see what version I am running.  The "Keep Lightroom Up to Date" link only seems to direct me to links that will do a fresh install.  Is this what I need to do?  Do I need to first uninstall the copy of Lightroom that is currently on the machine?  Will that affect the catalogs I currently have on the machine?


      Thanks in advance!