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    Zoom-in(or Scale) background image when rollOver and action script 3




      I'm ungently looking for some help from anyone who knows how to scale the "Masked" movie clip when hovering mouse on HTML5 canvas - guess it is called "RollOver" function?


      It must be quite simple function but I'm spending way too long hours to find the right code for this.. because I'm such a big newbie in the JS/Flash/Animate/AS2 or 3 worlds.. the only codes I could find were mostly with Action Script 2 but I need some help to use in Animate CC which means Action Script 3.


      I have attached my FLA file and the ideal Example (screenshot video).


      My FLA file : Dropbox - Test.zip

      Example : Dropbox - example.mov


      The points I need to make are:

      • Zoom in with smooth movement (I used movie clip for this) when hovering mouse on the banner
      • Zoom out with the same speed/movement when mouse isn't on the banner.


      The wrong points I currently have are:

      • Should be zoom-in when hovering mouse on the banner and zoom-out when moving mouse outside of the banner but it only shows zoom-out in both cases
      • When hovering on the DISCOVER button the background image scaling again.


      Please please any comments will be helpful!