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    preserving italics


      I've read threads about this and tried a bunch of things but am getting nowhere. I'm using Scrivener to turn a Pages document into .docx. It's a novel with a lot of italics, set in Minion Pro. When I place it in Indesign, I get a box saying there are missing fonts even though I DO have Minion Pro italics and I chose Preserve Styles and Formatting from Import Options. On the Missing Font box, it shows that there are 2 fonts, Minion Pro and Times New Roman (IN chose that for the formerly italicized words). Seems like I should be able at that point to change the Times New Roman to Minion Pro italics, but it won't let me check the box. I can sort of highlight TNR but if I try Find Next it changes the entire document to MP italics.


      If I have the fonts installed, why does preserving formatting not work, and substituting fonts not work either? This seems like such a basic operation, I don't see why it's so difficult!


      Can someone walk me through the Find/Replace after the text has been placed? Not working either and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thanks...

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          gert verrept Level 2

          If you can edit the Word file prior to importing the file into INDD, do the following in Word. Create a character style named "italic". It doesn't even matter what you put into the char style, just remeber the exact way you named the style.

          Use the F&C function from Word to find all italics and replace it with the created char style.

          In Indesign, create a char style with the exact same name as the one from Word. Make sure the properties are correct.

          Now import the file, if all went well, the italics should be ok now.

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            CGoddin Level 1

            Thanks for answering. Unfortunately I don't have Word, only the ability to turn a Pages document into a .docx using Scrivener.


            I finally got it to work, though it still makes no sense. I converted the file to Times New Roman, and placing it changed the italics to Minion Pro. For some reason then I could make those italicized, and then changed the rest of the document to Minion Pro as well. No clue why changing the font made it possible but at least I will not be completely bald.

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              gert verrept Level 2

              ok, than you have to try the script found here:


              or look for the script preptext.jsx


              Both work great for transforming italics (and other things) to char styles directly in Indesign (to be used before formatting the text)