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    Sale commission of $0.25??? WTH?


      So after submitting many images for sale, I received notification that my file was purchased.  But I only received a $0.25 commission? What the H#!!? I thought commission started at 33% and file sales started at 9.99.  So what gives?  This is just plain bull$#!^.  And oh, by the way, you're a contributor...yeah...we don't want to hear from you, so go submit a question to our forum...you don't need a support phone number...you're just the reason we have stuff to sell.

      Answer please!

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          rglohre Level 1


          So I've since researched and found that it is due to subscription services stock that has basically devalued the work so my commission is a pittance. 
          Add to that revelation, a positive, I did receive a very courteous and thorough call from an Adobe employee (Mat) to help me sort through it all.  He explained a lot about how the process works and that basically you're looking for volumes of sales on a well populated account in order to make it worth it. 
          Short end of the story, going to have to seriously give this option of Stock Sales some deep thought...

          In the meantime, I've deleted my approved files from the sale area. 

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            Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

            Hi Rick,


            I am glad that you got the resolution.


            Let us know if you have any more concerns.