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    Need to Pull More Information from the Datasource

    IAMTEEJAY Level 2

      Happy Holidays Everyone!


      I have set up one Web App and then another. One of them pulls another Web App item using the field type, datasource, and then selecting the Web App. This is easy enough when using it for online application and clicking on the insert Web App item to its own detail page. However, I would like to drop all of the details for that Web App item into the layout of the Web App item getting that information.


      For example, the current set-up has this:




      But I would like to include the other fields within that web app's details, such as




      City, State, Zip


      Without having to click through. In other words selecting the datasource item in the drop down, places all of that web app item's detail information in the detail of the parent web app.


      Is this possible?


      I was thinking of iframe perhaps including the detail page of the child web app.

      Any support would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks, Teejay