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    Images from camera directly to projection screen


      We would like to be able to take images using a tethered camera and project the images through a digital projector as they are being taken. Is there a way to set up a "Watch Folder" where the images in the watch folder will automatically load to the projector?

      A better way to explain what we want to do is to take the images of people as they enter a ballroom and using a tethered camera send the images to laptop program like Lightroom and then the images would be automatically projected on a screen using a digital projector. The other part of the project is that we need to continuously add images automatically to the projected images folder as they are being taken by tethered camera.

      Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          It can be done! Quite simply in fact.

          I use this technique for workshops.


          Your camera must be capable of tethering with Lr. If you have that working then all is good!

          You may need to set the Lr grid sort order in the library grid view to 'capture time' to see the latest image on screen as they are taken.

          You can use [F] for Full Screen so you see only the image, and not the Lr interface.


          The digital projector I connect and 'mirror' the computer screen. (In Windows 10 press [Windows+P] and select 'Duplicate' .)

          The projector can be connected by HDMI cable (mirrors the laptop screen ratio ), or VGA cable (which converts the laptop screen to the projectors format.) You may need cable adapters if the laptop has mini display port, or some other video port.


          Edit:  The 'Watch' folder is not the Auto Import watch folder.

          The 'Watch' folder is only needed when using the Auto Import function- NOT with tethering.

          Setting up the tethering options allows you to nominate the folder where the images get saved.

          Using the 'Auto Import' function in Lr might only be necessary if you are using another software method of tethering the camera- like DigiCamControl.

          With Lr tethering- Nikons 'save' only to the computer. Canons 'save' to both the camera card and the computer.