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    Lost serial number; Adobe Chat useless.

    Leonard_B Level 1

      I own a copy of Lightroom 5. Recently I tried to open it, and it told me my trial period was up, and I needed to buy or provide a serial number. Since I am traveling, and cannot search my other computer or external drives for this information (and my Adobe account pages do not show this purchase, nor several other products I have bought), I did a chat session this afternoon. The agent told me that he/she found confirmation of my purchase, but could not supply me with that information, because Adobe does not "support" older software.


      He/she told me to get that information from the forums. I replied that I did not think that a forum member would be able to help with that (any more than such a person could tell me my credit card numbers).


      I am merely posting this so I can tell the next rep that I did what the chat rep told me, and we can go to the next step.


      Thanks for reading and ignoring these words. (unless you're a moderator and can help)


      I will now try calling them.