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    Pinned content not following footer




      I am having some issues with my footer. I have a couple of text boxes with contact information to the left, and also i Google Maps widget to the right.

      I nearly ripped my hair out trying to figure out WHY the text boxes and maps widget didn't follow the footer when text boxes on the rest of the page adjusted to width...

      After a good nights sleep I realized... if I pin an object, it will not follow the rest of the responsive content.

      That's fine, i'll just unpin and set as fluid (?). The content in the footer now follows the footer with the rest of the responsive page. Hooray!


      However, since the Google Maps widget is to the right, it slides off of the page slightly when adjusting width.


      And I was wondering... are there any workarounds to this issue? I want it to stick to the right, and stick to the footer, and follow the rest of the content.


      Thanks in advance, and Merry Christmas!