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    BUG: Strange behavior on Accordion Menu / Cannot Open

    JOeRagu Level 1

      I am having an issue with the accordion menu (and other widgets such as the lightbox) specifically in mobile view. By mobile I am referring to when the page is viewed on a mobile device or when it is emulated as a mobile device through developer tools rather than simply resizing a browser window.


      In my scenario which is fairly common, I have created a 1 tab accordion menu which holds my mobile navigation.


      Let's use this featured muse site as an example: Concept Cubbyhouses and Sheds


      Press F12 on chrome to open developer tools, click the mobile button at the top


      Refresh the page and you will see the real / emulated mobile view.


      Try clicking on the menu.


      As you can see the menu opens, then closes immediately.


      My best guess at why this is happening is that the click/tap is registering twice, causing the menu to open and close quickly. Like I said earlier, this is a mobile only issue.


      I have also noticed this problem with the lightbox as the lightbox will show / hide quickly on click.


      This problem most likely lies in the following files as I have discovered code related to the accordion menu within them:

      • webpro.js
      • musewpdisclosure.js