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    Open DRM books from PC in reader (Icarus Illumina)


      I can't open certain DRM books which I transfered (via Adobe Digital Editions) from my PC to my e-book-reader, because they are "encrypted" (original message: "verschlüsselte Daten"). Both devices are activated with the same Adobe ID, I double checked that (even deleted and re-authorized). I tried downloading a new ebook directly from Download-Link to the reader but failed (i.e. it didn't download/open the URLLink-1.acsm file).


      As I can open certain other DRM books, I checked the file information and found the following (translated from German to English):


      licenced for: [my Adobe ID]

      Show (read?): on every device

      copy: not allowed

      printing: not allowed


      Does that mean, I can read the book only on my PC (the only way for me to download the books in the first place)? That would be so disappointing and annoying. Who wants to read 1000 pages on PC, when you have an e-book-reader... I don't even want to copy the book, just TRANSFER to original file to my reader.


      Help, anyone?! I'm despairing, having read and tried everything I found on the topic during the last five hours...