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    Draw Face Region icon issue


      In a folder, I went into People mode and it sorted through photos and came up with people photos. No problem so far as I proceeded to add names to photos. But once I finished this process and returned to grid view, I noticed that it "missed" some people photos. Here is where my problem begins. If I switch to people view, only the photos that I have labeled with names appear, but not the ones I wish to draw a Face Region in order to attach a people keyword. If I switch to Grid view, I see the photos that don't have names, but I don't see the Draw Face Region icon, which should be towards the right side of the toolbar. How do I either get people view to include photos in the folder that I wish to add, but don't show up initially when the search for people in the folder began and where I can see the Draw Face icon, or alternatively, how else can I access the Draw Face Region in Grid mode or some other mode where I can see the photos that I wish to add names to?