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    File download issue




      I purchased an image that said it was available in AI and EPS file formats. I never got the option to download it as an EPS file.I don't have illustrator to open an AI file it provided as the only option. Help please.

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          spsb84 Adobe Employee

          Hi Preslad,


          For images that state type as AI/EPS means: they are basic Illustrator/Vector files and also have EPS type embedded in it. That is: you can use this file type (EPS) and open in Photoshop- in this case this won't be considered a vector file. But if the need is for a vector (.ai) only then Illustrator is the key product to be used. Therefore we see it as AI/EPS.


          If you have any 3rd party software- not Photoshop/Illustrator, to operate on EPS files then Adobe doesn't guarantee any successful working operation of files.


          Hope this helps.



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